Jen Fodor is a Michigan native who has been living and working in Los Angeles for over a decade. She’s worked with directors such as Spike Jonze, on music videos for the Foo Fighters, and as shooter/producer on MTV’s MADE. As a Line Producer and Production Supervisor she has worked on documentaries, commercials, and television specials like Back That Year Up with Kevin Hart & Kenan Thompson and Celebrity Prank Wars on E!.


Fodor’s award-winning PBS music documentary The Dancing Man of L.A. was released in 2021. She co-directed and produced the film chronicling the lifelong concert passion of 69 year old Howard Mordoh. The Los Angeles Times wrote an article on the process of filming the documentary and Mordoh’s impact on the L.A. live music scene.


As an artist manager, she’s worked closely with musicians and bands.  From her music industry contacts, she created and hosts her podcast I Love Music. She interviews people in the music industry - music supervisors, agents, artists - to hear each person’s unique journey. She’s a songwriter, avid concert enthusiast, and active member of the Recording Academy.











Music Supervisor? Wanna sync Jen's music? Contact Jen or Dawn Patrol Music.

Jen Fodor is a multi-talented singer/songwriter working across genres, infusing upbeat energy into pop, rock, and country.


She is an agile collaborator with a wide variety of musicians and producers. Her music production focuses on creating soundscapes that surround and support her lyrics. As an artist manager, she’s worked closely with artists and bands for over a decade.





Jen is a Music Consultant with 10+ years in Artist Management. Her network of agents, publishers, publicists, & music supervisors make her a valuable resource. She is skilled at strategizing an effective album release strategy.


As a collaborative songwriter, she is a top-liner across multiple genres.


Music Supervisor? Wanna sync Jen's music?

Contact Jen or Dawn Patrol Music.


Jen is a Director, Producer, and Production Supervisor for commercials, music videos, film & tv.


Jen's current documentary project The Dancing Man of L.A. is now streaming on PBS.


Watch Fodor's music videos on her

YouTube channel.


Jen is a Podcast Producer, Host, & Creator of the I Love Music podcast.


On the podcast, artists, music supervisors, agents, managers, & production staff share their personal & professional music industry journeys.


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Fodor had been concert buddies with Mordoh for a few years. After she interviewed Mordoh on her music industry podcast, “I Love Music,” she and Sheppard started discussing the idea of documenting the Dancing Man’s life as a fan.


“We thought, ‘Let’s start off doing a character piece about Howard and his concert addiction,’” Fodor says. Then, as venues shuttered post-COVID and nightlife died, they knew they had to document Mordoh’s withdrawal and the ways he coped.



We’ve been writing about Jen Fodor for a couple of years now. She’s a force of nature, and has certainly taken hold of Hollywood with two hands – becoming not just a triple threat but one to beat all.


Jen doesn’t limit herself to one genre either. She’s written songs across the range, including rock, pop, and country, and she’s stepped up to the mic in her latest single, ‘Love Struck Baby’, showing that she is a talented vocalist as well as all her other skills.



Singer-songwriter Jen Fodor talks about her career in film, music, the unusual path to songwriting, and her latest single Love Struck Baby.



I’ve been an artist manager for 10+ years and about 2 years ago I started having the desire to write my own songs. I wondered, after so many years on the business side, did I have what it takes? I shared my song idea with some really supportive friends and “Saturday” was born.

Independent Lens Announces “The Dancing Man of L.A.”


One man dance party Howard Mordoh, a longtime fixture of the LA concert scene, copes with the cancelled concerts and isolation of life during the COVID-19 pandemic.





What has been the proudest moment of your career so far?

One of the greatest gifts of being a Producer, Podcaster and Artist Manager is getting to strategize with and support people where they are in their journey. I love to make things happen and to connect people with each other. When things align, it’s the best reward.



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